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The world of Golf Instruction has grown dramatically in recent memory. This is due, in large part to the incredible advancements in technology. SOGA is a clear leader in this department. Our equipment represents the latest innovations that not only make understanding complicated golf swing mechanics easier from the student’s view but easier to explain from the instructor’s standpoint.


This mini device helps define the hidden world of tempo and speed in the swing. Especially effective in training golfers to find their rhythm in the putting stroke.


The Video Camera
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Receive your video via email with voice over accompaniment. The most enduring and possibly the most valuable tool in golf instruction. Providing an ongoing history of each student’s progress.


Foresight Quad and Flightscope X3 Launch Monitors

State of the art ball and club data technology. The hidden numbers that help teacher and student draw a relationship between golf club and golf ball. Especially effective in club fitting.



Developing the awareness of weight distribution and movement in a golf swing is completely natural for those who "play for a living". Not so easy for the weekend golfer. This sensor defines when and where golfers move during the golf swing.


K Vest

Wear the K VEST and watch your awareness of body movement improve. A completely unique learning experience enhanced by training programs.



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